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Further Information About Jump Festa

Regarding YGO Products and Events there!

At the Special Stage where various special events are being held, you can get a Special Bag and a Commemorative Token featuring Kaiba and Yugi’s Stock Art from the movie!

Voice Actors from ARC-V will Duel on Stage
There will be a Stage for those who want to learn how to Duel
The Charisma Duelist crew from V Jump will be introducing the latest news about the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game and Dark Side of Dimension

At the Entertainment Duel Corner, you can play against Staff who will be using a Standard, Synchro, Fusion or Xyz Dimension themed Deck.

There’s also a corner for Dueling for those not used to the game’s rules designed to make it exciting.

For both corners, you can get a 20th Anniversary Logo themed Token

There’s a “Jumbo Duel” Corner, where a Duel using actual Giant Cards is played.

There’s a Photo Studio Corner where you can get your picture on a Token of your choice and a poster of your Choice.

At the Goods Corner, in addition to Premium Pack 18, the following products are on sale
Millennium Pack
Structure Deck Pendulum Domination
Extra Pack 2015
Duelist Entry Deck VS Set (Reiji vs Yuya ‘themed’ Starter Decks)
Crossover Souls (The Japanese version of Crossed Souls)



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