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[Duel Links] Changes in January 2018

Cards move up off limitation and skills get rebalanced.

First off, Forbidden & Limit List Changes:

  • Cyber Angel Dakini moves down to 2 copies per Deck
  • However, in turn, Machine Angel Ritual will be going up from 1 to 2 copies per Deck.
  • Due to the nature of the duel Links Semi-Limited list this means you can only use two copies between the two cards, not of each.

Skill Changes

  • Three Star Domotion is being rejiggered, especially to help it benefit monsters used by the Paradox Brothers
  • Destiny Draw will have its selection menu order revised to make it less of a hassle to use.

  • Restart is being re-balanced for competitive play so your opponent doesn’t need to wait unreasonable amounts of time while you decide to mulligan or not.
  • Middle Age Mechs is being rebalanced to avoid its bias of giving huge benefits for going Second.
  • Mind Scan is being rejiggered to allow early fields to be allowed to be made without giving you excessive benefit of disruption.
  • The LP cost of various GX era skills are being rebalanced to be easier to activate.

Three-Star Demotion
This Skill will only be usable once per Duel, and only when you have 1,000 or less Life Points remaining. However, the Paradox Brothers have a trick up their sleeves! This Skill can be used on members of the Gate Guardian trio at any time regardless of Life Points.

Destiny Draw
When choosing a card to draw from the Deck, cards will be sorted as the same order in the Deck Editor.

There will be a 20 second time limit on deciding whether to use restart. Also, if you use Restart, your hand will be shown to your opponent before it is returned to the Deck. Your opponent can check the cards that were returned to the Deck in the Duel Log.

Middle Age Mechs
“Ancient Gear Castle” will be activated at the start of your first turn instead of the start of the Duel.

Mind Scan
This Skill will activate from the 3rd turn. The required remaining Life Points will not change.


Miracle Fusion Time!
The required remaining Life Points when use this Skill be changed from “500 or less” to “1000 or less.”

Where the Heroes Dwell
Destiny Calling
Firm as the EARTH
Silent as WATER
Quick as the WIND
Mighty as FIRE

The required remaining Life Points when using this skill will be changed from “2000 or less” to “3000 or less.”


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