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[Merchandise] New Merchandise from Shop Yu-Gi-Oh!

Time for some holiday cheer.

Noted by RaveGrl, the Shop Yu-Gi-Oh! website has dropped new official merchandise.

Mai Valentine and Seto Kaiba “On the Naughty List” T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Long Sleeve Shirts in both grey and red colors, starting at $25.99

“Deck the Halls” returns starting at $25.99 as T-Shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeve Shirts or Lady’s Tank Tops in Royal Blue and Navy.

“It’s Time to Yule” returns starting at $25.99 as T-Shirts, Hoodies or Long Sleeve Shirts in Black and Navy

“The King of Games” and “Kaiba Corp” designs have moved to clothing.

Also, “Brushstroke” designs have been added as clothing, based on Yami Yugi, Seto Kaiba, Joey Wheeler, Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Red-Eyes Black Dragon.

Also, adult versions of classic kid’s T-Shirts have been added.

Also get laser etched Drinkware and Coffee Mugs featuring the Industrial Illusions corporate logo


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