[RDS] Story 1: “Blaze Fiends”

I shall unite all 666 Hells beneath my heel!

(Doomblaze Fiend Overlord Despairacion)

The Infernal God Who Reigns Over The Blazing Netherworld

Among the 666 netherworlds, there exists a world that is a burning hell, called “Enmakai” or the “Blazing Netherworld”. The “Doomblaze Fiend Overlord” is the demonic god who rules over this Blazing Netherworld, who plans to unify all of the netherworlds together, by invading them using the power of its immensely hot flames… …

(Doomblaze Despair) & (Invasion of the Blaze Fiends)

Flames So Hot They Can Annihilate Everything

The flames fired by the God completely disintegrates any matter it touches, while the dragons on either side of it, have the power to drill and bore through the very earth. It truly is a God among demons.

(Blaze Fiend Overlords Beelucitaroth)

The “Blaze Triumvirate” That Serve The “Doomblaze Fiend Overlord”

While the “Doomblaze Fiend Overlord” pours their energy into the invasion of other realms, reign of the Blazing Netherworld has been entrusteed to the “Blazing Triumvirate”, a triad of high ranking Blaze Fiends, who handle domination, judgment and conflicts. Each member of the Triumvirate keeps the others in check, but power struggles between the three of them are commonplace.

(Resurrection of the Blaze Fiends) & (Return of the Blaze Fiends)

The Might of the Blazing Triumvirate

The Blazing Triumvirate typically sit on their thrones within the depths of the Blaze Fiend Palace, but during times of rebellion and conflict, they appear and wield their power to crush dissidence and strife.

(Guide of the Blaze Fiends) & (Rage Serpent of the Blaze Fiends)

Followers Of The Blaze Fiend Overlord

The inhabits of the Blazing Netherworld, who serve as the vanguards for the invasion of other Netherworlds, are ranked according to the size of their flames.

Secret Reference Art

(Ark’s Note: The artwork provided is too small to actually read any of the text descriptions. Don’t beg us to translate it.)

Note: Thanks to Aura for their take, Ness and Evilader for help with this article.

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