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[Duel Links] Pick-a-Gift Campaign

A new Pick-a-Gift campaign is active in Duel Links.

This will run until August 12th. As usual, this allows players to collect all ten days worth of rewards even if they miss a few consecutive days. Card rewards this time are “Voltic Kong”, “Lion Alligator”, “Mirror of Oaths” and “The Tripper Mercury”. Players may pick one of three rewards each day.

Day 1: 50 Gems, 20,000 Gold or 2000 Gate Keys
Day 2: 200 R Jewels, 1 copy of “Voltic Kong” or 1 R Ticket
Day 3: 20 Gems, 10,000 Gold or 2 SR Jewels
Day 4: 50 Gems, 1 copy of “Lion Alligator” or 2 SR Jewels
Day 5: 30 Gems, 10,000 Gold or 30 Duel Orbs
Day 6: 200 R Jewels, 1 copy of “Mirror of Oaths” or 1 R Ticket
Day 7: 500 R Jewels, 2 SR Jewels or 1 UR Jewel
Day 8: 50 Gems, 1 copy of “The Tripper Mercury” or 2 SR Jewels
Day 9: 3000 Stones of Water, 300 Stones of Fire or 300 Stones of Wind
Day 10: 1 SR Ticket, 1 SR Ticket or 1 SR Ticket


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