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[Rush Duel / Deck Recipe] Sample Dragon Deck

Dragon Smash Puny Duelist

Dragon Deck

POINT: A Power Deck that makes use of high Level Dragons!

A Deck that Tribute Summons high Level Dragons and single mindedly attacks. It’s simple to use yet extremely powerful.

3 Dragias the Striking Dragon
1 Miragias the Fantastrike Dragon
1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
1 Dragonic Slayer
1 Shocklead Dragon
1 Bunker Strike the Thrustriking Dragon
1 Fire Guardian
3 Dragolite
1 Dragon Merchant
3 Treasure Dragon
3 Dragon’s Upsetter
3 Twin-Edge Dragon
3 Phoenix Dragon
3 Dragon’s Setupper

1 Mountain
1 Heavenly Protection
3 Fire Dragon’s Heatflash
2 Dragonic Pressure

2 Dragon’s Tenacity
1 Counteroffensive Dragonstrike
1 Echoing Whispers

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