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[VRAINS] New Information from LABO (Week 1)

Including a different format of Dueling that will be in VRAINS!

Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS will include the Speed Duel format used in Duel Links and offered by Konami as a part of Dueling. It is unconfirmed whether it will be in reality or VR. We will clarify this as soon as there is more information.

For those curious about Speed Duels, we’ll go over a quick summary

  • The Left and Rightmost parts of the field are not used.
  • 20 card Main Deck
  • Up to 5 cards in your Extra Deck.
  • Extra Monster Zones still exist.


Pictures of Den City and Yusaku


Den City, a city with a state of the art network

Den City when you’re in “Link VRAINS”

Further shots of Den City (and that the city hides a secret)

More Link VRAINS shots.

More Reference Art of Yusaku.

Reference art of Playmaker.

See you next week on same Labo time, same Labo channel for more VRAINS news.


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