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[RD/KP02] One-Length LaMoon

When Duel Monsters embrace airhead cliches and tackiness.

RD/KP02-JP007 ワンレン・ラムーン One-Len LaMoon (One-Length LaMoon/Fashionable ‘Do LaMoon)
Level 3 LIGHT Aqua Normal Monster
ATK 1200
(A witch who has escaped her mundane ordinary routine. Her lunar magic captivates guys who are willin’ to pick up a pretty lady, as well as pay the bill for a nice meal. Kanan the Ganguro Swordmistress is her BFF.)


アッシー is slang for a guy who’ll pick up a pretty lady and take them wherever they want, regardless of place or time, but don’t get to go any further with the woman in question.

メッシー refers to a guy who’ll pick up the tab/bill for a woman in a bar or restaurant, especially expensive ones.

Both of these are Bubble Era cliches.

ワンレン refers to a Uniform Hair Cut, which was extremely fashionable and the ‘in’ style during The Bubble, especially at Discotheques (Japan didn’t have a violent rejection of Disco like the west did so it took longer to go out of style).



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