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[Lore] Miscellaneous Master Guide 6 Profiles

Of various popular Link monsters!

I:P Masquerena

A “Courier” Who Steals And Delivers All Kinds Of Data

A “Courier” specializing in illegal data races around the nighttime world, that is colored by the light of electrons. At current, it’s said she’s been seen with over a hundred different faces, so no one has ever seen her true appearance.

Clara & Rushka, the Ventriloduo

At First Glance, The Two Are The Best Of Friends, But In Reality… …

In order for Clara, who’s a major introvert, to get along with others, she needs to borrow the help of her favorite doll, Rushka… … In fact, she’s a ventriloquist doll people think is actually her flesh-and-blood friend.

Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess

A Single Bolt Of Light That Pierces Trespassers

A young girl who is the greatest archer of the forest clan. At the moonlit fountain of the sanctuary, she threatens those from the outside world, riding to battle with her bow atop a divine beast that is her companion.

Simorgh, Bird of Kings

The True Form Of The Two “Simorgh”!!

Once a divine bird named “Simorgh” cast off its darkness and became the “Lord of the Storm”. And now, the divine bird who has accepted the darkness of “Darkness” shows his true form once again.


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