Introducing “Theory In Practice”

Hello Duelists! I’ve come to announce a new podcast/stream we’ve put together called “Theory In Practice”! In this program, we’ll be discussing in depth Yu-Gi-Oh theory that should assists people at all levels of play, brought to you by We plan to give our viewers the tools to think outside of the box and improve their game. From deck building to technical pay, as well as evaluating different formats and different kinds of playing environments. Our first show will be on January 8th at 9pm EST. We’ll start off addressing people with an intermediate understanding of the game that aren’t aware of certain ideas. Over time, while gauging what our audience wants to know and what they need help understanding, we’ll branch outward in content towards people of lower (and hopefully higher) skill levels so that everyone can take something away from it. Our goal is to provide the entire community with quality content without the filler that most other outlets generally need to sustain themselves.

Joining me will be Jesse Choate, Alyxander Lisgathe, Joseph Muntz, Michael Nash and Matthew Monahan, all excellent players in their respective fields.

For the first episode, we’ll be discussing:
>ARG Orlando
>A look into the Breakers of Shadows set
>Post-Bosh/YCS Sydney Predictions/Analysis

As well as taking questions in the twitch chat. For those who miss our initial stream, we’ll be uploading the episodes to Youtube here as well.

In terms of our direct relationship with the YGOrganization, we are separate entities with close ties, and collaborative content is a possibility in the future. For now, we’re focusing on building our brand and the brand of our home Duelistgroundz, while the YGOrganization will continue to provide you with the latest news and other quality content. I’ve heard they have some special things in store for their viewer base down the line as well!

On the date of the first stream we will post another reminder article, with a link to our Twitch stream. We aren’t sure if this will be a continued practice just yet, as we’re still working out some minor details going forward. However, we will be providing content monthly for everyone.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you on the Friday! Until then, keep practicing!

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