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[Duel Links] Battle City Showdown

The Duelist Chronicles Board Game event’s back, but this time it’s centered on the finals of Battle City.

Battle City Showdown is a Duelist Chronicles variant focused on the end of Battle City. On April 29th, you’ll have a chance to open the Treasure Room.

You can roll for 10 prizes once a day (so a free full prize roll)

Dueling in the event gets you Experience and Duel Rewards. Also, on May 3rd, you’ll be able to get mysterious prizes called “Divine Offerings” from the event.

The event has a free 10 prizes a day component.

The Lottery hands out EX Jewels, which you can use with the EX Trader to get cards, the ones in this event’s Trader are specifically the same as the Trader, giving people the chance to collect the cards they’re having trouble obtaining from the lottery.

You’ll also get a Cutscene Album which lets you rewatch scenes.

You can get more Dice Fragments from winning Ranked Duels.

You can change your character’s Deck before a Duel (since Duels in this event comes with missions)

Duel in Duel World to collect Dice Fragments

Use Dice Fragments to move across the board, allowing you to collect prizes and Duel special oppoents.


Lottery Rewards
• Skilled Blue Magician (UR)
• Maha Vailo (UR)
• Dark Sage (SR)
• Fusion Swword Murasame Blade (SR)
• Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight (SR)
• Anti-Magic Arrows (SR)
• Kuriboh (SR)
• Horn of the Unicorn (SR)
• Thousand Needles (R)
• Dark Hunter (R)
• Multiple (R)
• Detonate (R)
• Bone Temple Block (R)
• Kaiser Dragon (N)
• The Portrait’s Secret (N)
• Tactical Espionage Expert (N)
• Coffin Seller (N)
• Swordsman of Landstar (N)
• Virus Cannon (N)

Zone Reward List:

Round 1:
• First Round Qualifiers: 20 Gems
• Second Round Qualifiers: Thousand Needles
• Semi Final: 30 Gems
• Final: Fusion Sword Murasame Blade

Round 2:
• First Round Qualifiers: 10000 Gold
• Second Round Qualifiers: 50 Gems
• Semi Final: 1 SR Gem
• Final: Anti-Magic Arrows

Round 3:
• First Round Qualifiers: 50 R Jewels
• Second Round Qualifiers: 50 Gems
• Semi Final: 20000 Gold
• Final: Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight

Round 4:
• First Round Qualifiers: 1 SR Jewel
• Second Round Qualifiers: Horn of the Unicorn
• Semi Final: 30000 Gold
• Final: Skilled Blue Magician

Round 5:
• First Round Qualifiers: 50 R Jewels
• Second Round Qualifiers: 50 Gems
• Semi Final: 30000 Gold
• Final: Dark Sage

Round 6
• Final: 4000 Gold

Round 7:
• Final: 4000 Gold

Round 8:
• Final: 4000 Gold

Round 9:
• Final: 4000 Gold

Round 10:
• Final: 4000 Gold

EX Trader this time around has every card being given out through the lottery of the event.


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