[INOV] Dragon Core Accursed

A new High Level Tuner monster appears as INOV-JP001!

INOV-JP001 竜核の呪霊者 Ryuukaku no Jyuryousha (Dragon Core Accursed)
Level 8 DARK Dragon-Type Tuner Normal Monster
ATK 2300
DEF 3000


A female warrior possessing power beyond the likes of normal men, that she gained from the spurts of blood that came from dragons she slays. Her soul is now stained with the grudges of the dragons she’s slain, and it’s been reduced to a wicked dragon core that spreads their plague. Without a home to return to, dying her blade with blood has become something she does without even thinking, and she no longer remembers what her original goal or purpose even was.

If it wasn’t obvious from her name and flavor text, she’s a future version of Dragon Horn Hunter.

Also, to explain the name, it’s a play on 竜角の狩猟者 (Ryuukoku no Shuryousha), i.e. Dragon Horn Hunter, as in the two sound very similar. A more inaccurate name (but would capture the wordplay involved, would be like “Dragon Horde Hunted”).


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