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Infinity Chasers & Lord of Magician Rarities from V Jump

Since the magazine makes it clear what the foiling rarities are.

Infinitrack Harvester is a Common

Infinitrack Goliath is a Common

Outrigger Expand is a Common

Turn Spin is a Common

Infinitrack Drag Shovel is a Common

Infinitrack Trencher is a Common.

Infinitrack Roadheader is a Common

Witchcraft Haine is a Super Rare

Witchcraft Edel is a Super Rare

Witchcraft Pittore is a Common

Withcraft Potiere is a Super Rare

Witchcraft Creation is inaccurately labeled a Common, it is a Super Rare.

Witchcraft Sabotage is a Common

Witchcraft Collaboration is a Common

Witchcraft Draping is a Common

Witchcraft Bysteet is a Common

Witchcraft Scroll is a Common

Witchcraft Masterpiece is a Common

Empress of Endymion is a Super Rare

Magister of Endymion is a Normal Parallel Common

Servant of Endymion is a Normal Parallel Common

Spell Power Control is a Super Rare

Endymion Lab is a Normal Parallel Common

Guidance of Spell Salvation is a Super Rare

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