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[Merchandise] CHARA-MASK

Avoid you-know-who in style.


Sales Price: 1,650 Yen (Including Tax)
Pre-Orders start at 1PM JST on September 24th 2020
Pre-Orders end at 11PM JST on October 14th 2020
Orders will be delivered starting January 2021

“CHARA-MASK” has a built-in special filter for masks with excellent antibacterial and deodorizing effects. The inner material is 100% cotton gauze, which is soft to the touch. It is designed to fit your face with a comfortable 3D Structure that makes it easy to breathe and wear all the time. It uses a gentle log type ear strap for each ear.
You reuse it by putting it in the wash.
During manufacturing, we perform thorough hygiene management because we are a specialized manufacturer of masks.

[Set Contents]
2 solid cloth masks for adults

【Product Materials】
Outer Fabric: 100% Polyester
Inner Gauze Fabric: 100% Cotton
Antibacterial Deodorizer Built-In Filter: 80% Polyester & 20% Acrylic
(Silver Antibacterial Agent: It uses Silver-Supported Acrylic Fibers
Ear Hook: Elastic Rubber

Approximately H120 x W90 mm (folded in half)

【Production Area】
The Philippines

【Manufacturer Name】
Yokoisada Co., Ltd.

※ These masks are not perfect safeguards against infection.
※ Do not play around with the straps of the mask around your neck or handle them roughly. You could risk suffocating yourself.
※ Do not use near fire.
※ It has no effect on toxic gas and harmful dust.
※ Should you experience any symptoms such as itchiness or rashes, please stop using it.
※ If there are scratches or inflammation on the places where the mask touches, it may worsen, so please avoid using it.

【Precautions for Use】
※ When you wash it, please wash it gently so it doesn’t get warped out of shape. (Do not use bleach or soft finish).

※ Please check the product page for the latest information and details.
※ When the total number of masks being sold is reached, no more will be offered for sale.
※ The item may no longer be on sale by the time you access this page.
※ Product specifics are subject to change without notice.
※ The photos shown are in-progress and may differ slightly from the final product.
※ It may be sold at stores and events, and we may change delivery dates as well as accepting your order.



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