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[Infinite Article] 5 Sweet Speed Duel Decks You Can Build Right Now

Speed Duels offer a different experience playing Yu-Gi-Oh. They’re a great way to teach new players about the game, without throwing them straight into the complexity of full Master Rule play.

But the Speed Duel format’s more than just a learning tool for beginners. It’s been a place for cool reprints, amazing foil upgrades, and it’s even imported a few of those 20 year-old Normal Monsters we never got from the Japanese OCG. The most notable difference is the use of Skill Cards, a new type of card exclusive to Speed Duels that brings fresh new concepts to old strategies. Competition in Speed Duels is a real thing, with online communities hammering away to create truly competitive metagames. Now the format’s competitive side is set to take off with the Speed Duel: Battle City Box.

With the Battle City Box coming up in a few weeks, you might be curious about competitive Speed Duels yourself. Let’s take a look at five sample deck lists to get you started. Remember these are baselines: try them out, explore and tweak them to your taste, or just get to know the format and make your own entirely different deck!

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