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[VRAINS] Future Information

Regarding Revolver and Ema. As well as again clarifying the difference between Speed and Master Duels.

Ema is cited as maybe an enemy, maybe a friend? She seems to be both, picking no real side.

She’s also a Duelist for those worried about that.

Ema is a beautiful Treasure Hunter type character who steals information from anywhere between Den City to VR.

Revolver apparently has some connection to Ignis (maybe from the first episode or something much deeper, it isn’t clarified).

And it is, unsurprisingly, noted, he’ll be Dueling Yusaku in the future.

VJ also reiterates that Link VRAINS is split into two Duel Formats, Speed Duel and Master Duel. Master Duel are the “New Master Rule” Duels you’re used to. While Speed Duels follow Duel Links Rules (3 Zones for S/T and Monsters, each. No Main Phase 2. Smaller Starting Hand.)


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