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[OCG] The Great 2021 Card Illustration Vote

Pick the sleeves you want to see.

Duelist Card Protector Commercialization Project: “The Great 2021 Card Illustration Vote”

It’s been decided that “The Great 2021 Card Illustration Vote” will be held, to let Duelists choose the cards they to see made into “Duelist Card Protectors”! You can vote choosing any card, and both first and second place will be made into real sleeves! It’s up to you to choose and vote which card you want!!
※ Cards from before the end of August 2021 are valid options.
※ Some card illustrations can’t be voted, such as cards that were made into sleeves from prior voting contests.

Voting Period:
5PM September 2nd to 11:59 PM September 13th (JDT)

Results will be announced at 9 PM on September 17th on the “Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game Twitter”

Product Specifications:

Protector 1st and 2nd Place
1st Place: January 15th, 2022
2nd Place: February 19th, 2022
Contents: 100 Sleeves
Price: 660 Yen (Plus Tax)


To note, to vote, you must be logged in on Konami’s Database using your Konami ID.

Then, you need to go the Japanese version of the page of the card you want to vote for, and press the yellow button with “このカードに投票する”


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