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[OCG] Supreme King Dragon Zarc + SD31 Deck Recipe

A Deck Recipe based on cards from Maximum Crisis as well as 3 copies of Pendulum Evolution.

“Supreme King Dragon Zarc” + “Pendulum Evolution” Deck

By combining “Maximum Crisis” with “Structure Deck: Pendulum Evolution”, you’ll have a Deck centered around Fusion Summoning “Supreme King Dragon Zarc”. So challenge people with your Pendulum Deck!

3 Supreme King Servant Dragon Darkwurm
1 Supreme King Gate Zero
1 Supreme King Gate Infinity
3 Astrograph Magician
2 Chronograph Magician
3 Iris Magician
3 Black Fang Magician
3 White Wing Magician
3 Violet Poison Magician
2 Stargazer Magician
2 Timegazer Magician
2 Wisdom-Eye Magician
3 Timebreaker Magician

2 Duelist Advent
3 Pendulumgraph of Ages
1 Miracle Synchro Fusion
1 Wavering Eye

3 Pendulumgraph of Time-Space

1 Supreme King Dragon Zarc
3 Star-Time Magician
3 Enlightenment Magician
3 Supreme Arcanite Magcian


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