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[Promo] Odd-Eyes Phantasma Dragon

The Promo Card for the 5th Volume of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V!


YA05-JP001 Odd-Eyes Phantasma Dragon
Level 8 DARK Dragon Pendulum Effect Monster
ATK 3000
DEF 2500
Pendulum Scale: 0
Pendulum Effect:
You can only use the [(1)st] Pendulum Effect with this card’s name once per turn.
(1) You can discard 1 card; add 1 face-up Dragon Pendulum Monster from your Extra Deck to your hand.
Monster Effects:
You can use the (1)st and (2)nd Monster Effects with this card’s name only once per turn, each.
(1) If 2 cards are in your Pendulum Zones, and a face-up “Odd-Eyes” Pendulum Monster is in your Extra Deck: You can Special Summon this card from your hand. You cannot Pendulum Summon during the turn you activate this effect.
(2) If this card attacks an opponent’s monster, during damage calculation: You can activate this effect; during that damage calculation only, that opponent’s monster loses 1000 ATK for each face-up Pendulum Monster in your Extra Deck.


The cover for Volume 5



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