[Duel Links] Leo and Luna Duel Carnival

Leo and Luna duel carnival returns once again!

Leo and Luna each reveal a Card that represents both teams for the round, and depending on what the card revealed is there might be bonuses for certain types or monsters. For Example, the current match for round one is Dark Resonator Vs Chaos King Archfiend and the bonus given is +300 attack to all fiend monsters.

So Select a side and go head to head in PVP(Player Vs Player) or in the Five Free NPC duels to obtain treasure chests that can contain powerful cards such as Hayabusa Knight and Jester Panic.

Full card list (N= normal chest , R= rainbow chest, B= Both)


Jester Panic (R)
Vylon Prism (R)
Hayabusa Knight (R)
Total Defense Shogun (R)
Chaos Goddess (R)
Jester Queen (R)
Newodria (R)
Dragonic Guard (B)
Dragoncarnation (B)
Inferno Hammer (B)
Royal Keeper (B)
Immortal Ruler (B)
Crawling Dragon (N)
Coffin Seller (N)
Stone Dragon (N)
The Statue of Easter Island (N)
Typhone (N)

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