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Konami has put up some information on the new OTS pack.

OTS Tournament Pack 6, the newest prize pack for Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Official Tournaments, is here just in time for the holiday break! OTS Tournament Packs reintroduce some of the most popular tournament-level cards and are used as participation prizes or tournament prizing for Duelists entering local tournaments. OTS Tournament Packs are not-for-sale items and are only provided EXCLUSIVELY to Konami’s Official Tournament Stores. Also, OTS Tournament Packs are one of the only ways Duelists can get ahold of Ultimate Rare cards!

Duelists everywhere will be excited for the rarity upgrades of powerful cards like Brilliant Fusion, now an Ultimate Rare! Foil upgrades to popular themes like Paleozoic, Windwitch, and Trickstar can all be found here, along with sought-after cards that many Decks can use!

The OTS Tournament Pack 6 set contains 26 cards:

13 Commons
10 Super Rares
3 Ultimate Rares

OTS Tournament Pack 6 will be available at Official Tournament Stores starting Decemeber 7th, 2017!



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