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[Duel Links] Upcoming Events and Updates for July 2018

Let’s unlock “That Man” from GX.

Early July

  • Special Duels return to Duel with Decks that include ace monsters and special rules.
  • Syrus returns to be unlocked for players haven’t gotten him yet along with new cards to strengthen his Deck.

Mid July

  • Return to Duel Island, where you’ll have to pass Gladiator Beast Andal’s event to get new gifts!
  • Tea returns with even more Deck Training from Mai and Ishizu with more cards to presume boosting High Level Fairies and Counter Fairies.

Late July

  • Obtain a fan favorite GX character who will finally be unlocked. (Konami refers to it as “That man” in Japanese so it isn’t Yubel). This character comes with new cards Konami believes will form powerful Decks.
  • Watch the WCS 2018 Finals

Early AugustĀ 

  • Serious Chazz returns with new rewards

Non Event Additions in Early July

  • Increase of Duel Rewards and EXP by dueling multiple standard Duelists at once has been added
  • An ability to train your very own Kuriboh by Dueling has been added.


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