[Movie] Aigami’s Monster Series Revealed

Apparently it’s Buddhism and Hindu related stuff.

Aigami plays the theme called 方界 “Houkai”, which is related to 十方世界 “The worlds of the ten directions”, aka Dasa-Dikpala, which is basically a roundabout metaphor for saying “The Universe”.

However, we’re not sure how to translate Houkai itself at the moment so we’ll try and get back to you on the matter.

The smaller monster is Houkai’in Vijam (Houkai Spawn Vijam)

The bigger monster is noted to be 方界超帝インディオラ・デス・ボルト Houkai Choutei Indiora Death Bolt, (Houkai Supreme Emperor Indiora Death Bolt)

Indiora is likely a corruption of/based on Indra.

Source: V Jump


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