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[SOFU] Thunder Dragon Lord

The true lord of all Thunder Dragons arises.

SPFU-JP037 雷神龍-サンダー・ドラゴン Raijinryuu – Thunder Dragon (Thunder Dragon Lord)
Level 10 LIGHT Thunder Fusion Effect Monster
ATK 3200
DEF 3200
Fusion Materials: 3 “Thunder Dragon” monsters
Must be either Fusion Summoned, or Special Summoned by banishing 2 Thunder monsters (1 from your hand, and 1 Fusion Monster from your field) not named “Thunder Dragon Lord” (in which case you do not use “Polymerization”).
(1) When a Thunder monster effect activates in the hand (even during the Damage Step) (Quick Effect): You can destroy 1 card on the field.
(2) If this card would be destroyed by a card effect, you can banish 2 cards from your GY instead.



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