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Second Opening Theme For “Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS” Announced

The second theme song’s been announced, and it looks like it’ll be less old school AniSong.

About one year has passed since the anime began airing, and on June 20th, the opening theme song will change. The artists in charge of the new opening is the band “The Brow Beat” who are making their major debut with this song, titled “ハレヴタイ (Harevutai)”.

The Brow Beat is a Band Project formed by the performer Sato Ryuji, known by his artist name “Ryuji”, along with HAKUEI of the V-ROCK world legend, PENICILLIN, in twin vocals and total production, and while they’re an Indie band, they’ve done live performance at venues, and have strong CD sales.

This opening theme song gives a further sense of catharsis to feeling of speed of “Rush Duels” in the anime, as it’s a heavy but speedy song.

Let’s expect the new opening theme song of “Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS” which airs every Sunday at 7:30 AM on TV Tokyo!

● Song Name: ハレヴタイ (Harevutai)
● Artist: The Brow Beat
● Lyrics: HAKUEI・Ryuji
● Composer: HAKUEI
● Arrangement: tatsuo

In addition, we have comments from Ryuji and HAKUEI!!


When I was a kid, I was crazy about playing “Yu-Gi-Oh!” with my friends. It’s a dream to be able to do the theme song. This is an important “big moment” for The Brow Beat. The best anime are colored by their songs. I hope you’ll listen to it repeatedly. Will children cry when they see HAKUEI-san? That’s all I’m worried about. HAKUEI themself loves children, though.


“Yu-Gi-Oh!” is my favorite anime, so I’m ascending at the idea of being able to handle its themse song.
Ah, thank you very much, everyone, hello.

The Brow Beat Official Site

The CDs for the Opening Song go on sale July 7th, 2021

Type A (CD + DVD) [2 Songs Included]
The DVD Includes a Music Video for Harevutai
Price: 1980 Yen
Released By: Pony Canyon

Type B (CD) [2 Songs Included]
With a Luxury 24 Page Booklet
Price: 1980 Yen
Released By: Pony Canyon

Type C (CD) [7 Songs Included, Including Solo Edit Version]
With the Following Item:
A Jacket with Ryuji & HAKUEI as Characters in an Anime
Price: 1100 Yen
Released By: Pony Canyon

Type D (CD) [2 Songs Included + Original Karaoke]
Drawing with an Anime Jackets
Price: 1200 Yen
Released By: Marvelous


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