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[SEVENS] Cards Used In Episode 10

Japanese Urban Legends and Horror Tropes.dek

背後の花子さん Haigo no Hanako-san (Hanako’s Right Behind You)
Level 2 DARK Zombie Normal Monster
DEF 800

Note: Hanako-san is an archetypal Japanese urban legend of a girl’s spirit who haunts bathrooms.

丑三つ時のお菊人形 Ushimitsudoki no Okikuniningyou (Witching Hour Chrysanthemum Doll)
Level 1 DARK Zombie Normal Monster
DEF 200

Note: Life-size Chrysanthemum Dolls are a thing that came into vogue during the Edo period. This seems to be referencing an urban legend of some dolls growing hair somehow.

Edit: Decchan suggests the nails and hammer might be related to the Ushi Koku no Mairi Doll, where you hammer a doll into a tree with a nail, but we need more context from the Flavor Text. Ushimitsudoki (i.e. Midnight or so) is the time when you perform the ritual. It’s sort of a Witching Hour time in Japan. (It can also be 2:00 to 2:30 AM and 3:00 to 3:30 AM).

紫鏡に潜む者 Shikagami ni Hisomumono (Spirit Dwelling in the Purple Mirror)
Level 1 DARK Zombie Normal Monster
DEF 300

Note: I’m pretty sure this is meant to sound like a pun on Shikigami, spirits used by summoners and wizards and priests in Japanese folklore.

Edit: Decchan has pointed out it’s a reference to an actual Urban Legend of a cursed purple mirror that will kill you when you turn 20.

呪いのファンレター Noroi no Fan Letter (Cursed Fan Letter)
Normal Spell Card
Requirement: Activate by changing all Attack Position monsters (Zombie-Type/0 ATK) you control to face-up Defense Position.
Effect: Your opponent chooses cards from their hand equal to the number of face-up Defense Position monsters (Zombie-Type) you control and sends them to the Graveyard. Inflict 300 damage x [The number of cards sent to the Graveyard by this effect.]

乾いたノック音 Kawaita Knock An (A Knocking at the Door)
Normal Spell Card
Requirement: Activate if your opponent controls 3 Spell/Trap Cards.
Effect: Choose and destroy up to 2 Spell/Trap Cards on your opponent’s field. During this turn, you cannot attack.

Note: Kawaita means “Dry”, but the context here is it’s a knocking on an old dry thing, like an old door. So we’re going for a bit of localization

ひたひたと迫る足音 Hitahitato Semaru Ashiato (Approaching Footsteps)
Normal Trap Card
Requirement: If your opponent controls no Spell?Trap Cards, you can activate this card when your opponent performs their normal draw during the Draw Phase.
Effect: Look at your opponent’s hand, choose and Set 3 Spell/Trap on your opponent’s field. Inflict 300 damage x [The number of cards Set] to your opponent.

呪いの着信番号 Noroi no Chakushin Bangou (Cursed Incoming Number)
Normal Trap Card
Requirement: Activate when your opponent draws.
Effect: Inflict 300 damage x [The number of drawn cards]. If a face-up monster attacks this turn, it must attack the monster with the lowest Level.

Note: 4322194 is likely either a Goroawase of 自殺に行くよ (Kill yourself) or 黄泉路に行くよ (Go to Hell). Basically, it’s supposed to be a phone number that sounds spoopy.

オマエの後ろだ! Omae no Ushiro da! (Right Behind You!)
Normal Trap Card
Requirement: Activate when your opponent takes effect damage due to the effect of your card during the opponent’s turn.
Effect: Special Summon 1 monster (Zombie-Type) from your hand face-up, and the ATK and DEF of that monster are switched until the end of the turn.


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