[OCG] Special Pack 20th Anniversary Volume 2

The 5th Campaign Product for the 2018 Anniversary. This one features a new Fusion of Summoned Skull!

18SP-JP201 Daemon no Kengen (Manifested Skull Archfiend)
Level 6 DARK Fiend Fusion Effect Monster
ATK 2500
DEF 1200
Fusion Materials: “Summoned Skull” + 1 DARK monster
(1) This card’s name is treated as “Summoned Skull” while it is in the Monster Zone. (This card is still treated as an “Archfiend” card.)
(2) “Summoned Skull(s)” you control gain 500 ATK.
(3) If this Fusion Summoned card in its owner’s control is sent to the GY by your opponent: You can Special Summon 1 “Summoned Skull” from your hand, Deck, or GY.

(Atem’s editing note: no, that hyperlink in the (3)rd effect’s text isn’t an accident: cards with the text string {召喚したこのカードが相手によって墓地へ送られた場合に発動できる} have, in our prior experience, been localized with English-language text that specifies an opponent’s card must send this card to the GY through battle, card effect, or being destroyed – pursuant to Naturia Cherries, et al. Said text strings are ruled in Japan to be usable in far broader circumstances than their English-language text would imply – for example, in relation to Lava Golem. We will keep an eye on this card, to see how it is localized for English-speakers in the future, and we hope to see this gap between texts resolved.)

18SP-JP202 Thunder Dragon
18SP-JP203 Retaliating “C”
18SP-JP204 The White Stone of Ancients
18SP-JP205 El Shaddoll Construct
18SP-JP206 First of the Dragons
18SP-JP207 Constellar Pleiades
18SP-JP208 Polymerization
18SP-JP209 Trade-In
18SP-JP210 Treacherous Trap Hole

Starting June 9th, 2018, for every 1000 Yen you spend at participating stores, you’ll get 1 Special Pack 20th Anniversary Vol. 2. (Limit of 10 Packs per purchase). Each card has a Super Rare foil version you can also potentially pull.


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