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Deeper Lore Explained

Following up from the previous post.


It’s confirmed legendary cards such as “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” will reappear for the Rush Duel Format.


王道 遊我(おうどう ゆうが) Oudo Yuga
Age 11
VA: Ishibashi Hiiro
A 5th Grader who loves Dueling and Inventing, who attends Goha 7th Elementary. He calls his inventions “Roads”. He thinks the Duels run by adults currently are overly rigid and super unfun, so he develops his own rule set that he dreams of entertaining the world with.
His Ace Monster is “Sevens Road Magician”.

Note: His name is basically “Royal Road” + “My Game”

ルーク(上城 龍久 かみじょう たつひさ) “Luke” Kamijo Tatsuhisa
11 Years Old
VA: Yashiro Taku
A classmate in the class next to Yuga’s, he’s the Self Proclaimed “Number One Duelist of Goha 7th Elementary”. He’s learned about the rumor of “The King of Duels”, and as he investigates about how to become a King, he learns about Yuga. Machines tend to breakdown around him.
His Ace Monster is “Rush Dragon Dragears”

Note: 上城 龍久 is composed of “Upper/Higher”, “Castle”, “Dragon” and “Eternity/Long Time”.

蒼月 学人(そうげつ がくと) Sougetsu Gakuto
12 Years Old
VA: Hanae Hatsuki
A Sixth Grader on the Student Council of 7th Elementary. A serious minded fellow who has no tolerance for tardiness, and has never been late to school. As the heir apparent of the “Sogetsu Style” of Dueling, he is fully sure of his righteousness.

Note: His name means “Blue Moon” combined with “Student”

霧島 ロミン (きりしま ろみん) Kirishima, Romin
11 Years Old
VA: Kusunoki Tomori
Yuga’s Classmate. Along with top class grades and being super good at sports, she’s the lead Guitarist of the Elementary School Band “Roar Romin”. While she doesn’t really like Duels, she’s a girl who is wrapped in mystery who often crosses pathes with Yuga and his buddies.

Her Surname means “Island of Mist”, relating to her nature as the likely “Mysterious Person” plot character.

Sevens Road Magician

Rush Dragon Dragears


Oudo Yuga who attends Goha 7th Elementary, is a 5th Grader who develops inventions every day that he calls “Roads”. Yuga, who thinks the way Duels are run by adults are way too rigid and uncool, comes up with a new rule set everyone can enjoy.

In the days that follow, Luke in the next class over hears the rumor of a “King of Duels”. Investigating this with Yuga, they run into a mysterious person standing before an important monument… …

In order to be recognized as a King of Duels, you’ve gotta win Duels within a limited time!

“The Road I Dreamed Up, “Rush Duels” Can Do It!”

The story of Yuga and Luke, two young boys about to overturn the world of rigid unfun Duels with a new style is about to begin!!



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