Episode 80 Summary [GO RUSH!!]

It’s  Jumbo sized fib of a deal.

Episode 80: 高級宇宙家具屋セツリ – Kōkyū Uchū Kaguya Setsuri
(Luxury Space Furniture Store Setsuri)

At long last, Zion has achieved his dream and opened 88.8 billion Setsuri stores in the whole universe! But as it turns out, this is all an illusion created by the Kuaidul Spacetime! Yuhi pays Zion a visit in order to tell him the truth, but he just wouldn’t listen. And so, Yuhi challenges Zion to a Duel in order to wake him up from this false dream!

Script: 松井亜弥 || Matsui Aya

Source: Duel de Egao

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