[GO RUSH!!] Episode 63 Summary

Really, I’m betting Phaser’s big secret is a nothing burger.


Episode 63: 竜の棲む家 – Ryū no Sumu Ie
(The Last Dragon Chronicles)

Phaser uses Yuhi and the other carded people as hostages in order to pressure Yudias into helping out with Operation MIK. Yudias agonizes over what choice he should make, but upon learning that there is a way to return the carded people back to normal, he decides to face Phaser in a Duel, with the fate of all his friends on the line!

Script: 松井亜弥 || Matsui Aya
Storyboard: 高山智也 || Takayama Tomoya

NOTE: The Last Dragon Chronicles is a series of books by Chris D’Lacey. In Japan, it’s localized as “The House Where Dragons Dwell.”


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One thought on “[GO RUSH!!] Episode 63 Summary

  • June 17, 2023 at 2:27 pm

    As someone who grew up reading The Last Dragon Chronicles, I can safely say I was NOT ready to see it referenced in Yu-Gi-Oh of all places, let alone in the original Japanese version.

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