[GO RUSH!!] Episode 55 Summary

The stock “I don’t want to be the Prez but get dragged into it anyways” episode.

Episode 55: 第8宇宙人学校 – Dai-hachi Uchūjin Gakkō
(Alien School 8)

It’s a usual morning for Yuamu. She does her work at UTS, and then rushes to school. Her school is currently holding a student council election. Through an unexpected turn of events, Yuamu and Asaka will now have a Duel to decide which one of them will be the student council president.

Script: 松井亜弥 || Matsui Aya
Storyboard: 近藤信宏 || Kondo Nobuhiro
Direction: 三好正人 || Miyoshi Masato


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