[GO RUSH!!] Episode 49 Summary

I think I saw this once in Superdimensional Fortress Macross.

Episode 49: ユウディアス対ズウィージョウ – Yuudiasu tai Zuwījou
(Yudias vs Zuwijo)

Zuwijo has captured the Velgearian Supreme Council and declared that he will use Rush Duels in the war! Yudias, who has come to Yuhi’s rescue, objects to Zuwjio’s declaration. In order to figure out what the correct path is, Yudias challenges Zuwijo to a Duel!

Script: 竹内利光 || Takeuchi Toshimitsu
Storyboard: 土屋 日 || Tsuchiya Akira
Direction: 三家本泰美 || Mikamoto Yasumi


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