[GO RUSH!!] Episode 48 Summary

This, kids, is called a military coup.

Episode 48: ベルギャー星危機一髪 – Berugyā-sei Kikiippatsu
(The Velgear Planet in Imminent Danger)
Yuamu and Yuhi manage to reach the Velgear Planet thanks to the power of Damamu. The overexcited Damamu drags them around the planet, and they end up in a Duel training facility for Velgearian soldiers. Yuhi and Yuamu are then forced to undergo training along with the new recruits. However, the moment they take their eyes off Damamu, something strange occurs…

Script: 兵頭一歩 || Hyodo Kazuho
Storyboard: ワタナベシンイチ || Watanabe Shinichi
 Direction: 福元しんいち || Fukumoto Shinichi


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