[GO RUSH!!] Episode 43 Summary

No cute boys need apply.

Episode 43: ささやいてもいいのかい – Sasayaitemo Ii no kai?
(Are You Fine with Me Whispering to You?)

Ranran just can’t handle the Earthdamar, a substance that is very much the opposite of “cute.” Guided by some mysterious whispers, Ranran attempts to conquer her fear toward the Earthdamar. However, as it turns out, the source of the whispers is Zuwijo’s subordinate, Muda Velgear, who is after the Earthdamar!

Script: 野村祐一 || Nomura Yuichi
Storyboard: 近藤信宏 || Kondo Nobuhiro
Direction: 水野健太郎 || Mizuno Kentaro


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