[GO RUSH!!] Episode 35 Summary

Just so what is Not!Luke’s deal, anyways.

Episode 35: ロンドンと嘘とカセットテープ – Rondon to Uso to Kasetto Tēpu
(London, Lies, and Cassette Tape)

Yuhi and co. managed to capture London, but he then escaped. He left behind a cassette tape for them on the desk. The tape conveys London’s grim resolve. The message on it reads: “By the time you listen to this tape, I’ll definitely be challenging that Great King dude to a Rush Duel for sure. It’s showtime!”

NOTE: The title is a reference to a 1989 film called Sex, Lies, and Videotape.

Script: 樋口達人 || Higuchi Tatsuto
Storyboard: 河本昇悟 || Komoto Shogo
Direction: 水野健太郎 || Mizuno Kentaro


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