[GO RUSH!!] Episode 27 Summary

After the big twists of last week, it’s time for some more down to earth relaxing breathers about the crushing reality of the anime industry!

Episode 27: アニメはつらいよ – Anime wa Tsurai yo
(It’s Tough Making an Anime)

Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan’s popularity has tanked because of Chupataro. In order to restore her image, Chupataro decides to make an anime about her. He starts producing the anime with the full cooperation of UTS. However, they immediately run into some very serious production issues…

NOTE: This is almost certainly a reference to Otoko wa Tsurai yo (It’s tough being a man), a Japanese film series released between 1969 and 1995.

Script: 野村祐一 || Nomura Yuichi
Storyboard: 橋本直人 || Hashimoto Naoto
Direction: 佐々木雄三 || Sasaki Yuzo


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