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[GO RUSH!!] Episode 8 Summary

Instead of Boogie, what if we did the Time Warp back to our youth?

Episode 8: テレビの国からマニャニャちわ – Terebi no Kuni kara Manyanya Chiwa
(Good Manya-nya from the TV Kingdom)

Atachi Manya, a talented child actress, will be starring in the only show that is popular on Mutsuba Cable TV: “Learning the Fun Way – Ultimate Go Rush!” Yuamu, her childhood friend, was asked to Duel her. The two haven’t seen each other for five years, and Yuamu couldn’t help but be bewildered after seeing how Manya has changed…

Script: 山口宏 || Yamaguchi Hiroshi
Storyboard: 古田丈司 || Furuta Jouji
Direction: 山田直 || Yamada Nao



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