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[GO RUSH!!] Episode 1 Summary

It’s a Close Encounter of the Duel Kind!

Episode 1:こちら宇宙人トラブル相談所! – Kochira Uchūjin Toraburu Sōdansha!
(We’re the Ultraterrestrial Trouble Solutions Consultancy!)

Located in a corner of Mutsuba Town is a small company managed by the twins Yuamu and Yuhi, known as Ultraterrestrial Trouble Solutions, or UTS for short. When they were looking for an alien from the Catnapper Planet, they encountered an alien warrior named Yudias on a stranded spaceship.

The twins Ohdo Yuhi and Ohdo Yuamu are grade-schoolers who live in Mutsuba Town and manage UTS (Ultraterrastrial Trouble Solutions), a somewhat shady company that gets rid of aliens. They used a mysterious device built by Yuhi to search for aliens, but hasn’t had any luck finding one…until that day, when they found an Actual Spaceship in the middle of a newly created crop circle. Inside the spaceship, they encountered an alien named Yudias, who has come from the distant Belgar star cluster.

Yudias has come to Earth in search of Rush Duels, which can supposedly guide his comrades, who have been driven from their home, to a new future. However, he has no idea what Rush Duels are, so Yuhi challenges him to a Rush Duel to help him out. This is the first contact between grade-schoolers and aliens, made possible thanks to Rush Duels!!



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