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[Duel Links] Raid Duel Dimensional Disaster

Dark Side of Dimensions movie plot has returned to duel links again!

Raid dueling has returned once again to duel links. Duel against a Cubic monster in a Dimension Duel where you can summon monsters Duelist Kingdom style without tributes. Which is needed because Raid Duels have some serious Life Points.

To deal massive damage you can use Blue-Eyes White Dragon monsters and Dark Magician monsters(see both below) to deal triple damage and if you need even more firepower you can tribute 3 monsters to summon an Egyptian God to deal 5X damage.

After each Cubic monster defeated you gain points which allows you to obtain awards such as Cubic Dharma, gems, gold and the new Event Exclusive Agami(see below how to obtain).

Another thing recently added is damage tier, if you deal enough damage you will move up a damage tier and obtain a card pack that has a recent Dark Side of Dimensions event exclusive Ultra Rare/Secret Rare card(see below).

Obtainable cards from treasure boxes(r = rainbow box ; S = Silver box):

*** Cumulative points marked with ~ ***

Cubic Dharma(R) ~ 18000000
End of Anubis (R)
Buster Gundil the Cubic Behemoth(R)
Dark Garmex the Cubic Beast(Both) ~5000000
Tlakalel, His Malevolent Majesty(Both) ~1600000
Mystical Knight of Jackal (Both)
Evilswarm Golem (Both)
Alien Infiltrator (S)
Gamecia Elefantis (S) ~460000
Emperor Sem (S) ~880000

Monsters that give damage bonuses:

Blue-eyes monsters:

Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon
Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon
Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Blue-Eyes Chaos Maxx
Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon
Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon
Deep-Eyes White Dragon
Melefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
Dragon Spirit of White

Dark Magician Monsters:

Dark Magician
Dark Magician Girl
Chocolate Magician Girl
Dark Cavalry
Magician of Chaos
Magician of Dark Illusion
Dark Palidan
Dark Magician Girl the Magic Knight
Palladium Oracle Mahad
Toon Dark Magician
Berry Magician Girl
Toon Dark Magician Girl
Amulet Dragon
Apple Magician Girl
Magician of Black Chaos
Dark Flare Knight
Lemon Magician Girl
Dark Magician Knight
Kiwi Magician Girl

Egyptian Gods:

Obelisk the Tormentor
Slifer The Sky Dragon
The Winged Dragon of Ra