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New card names from JUMP Festa

We should get actual info in a few hours if you are not in a rush.

We have learned the names of some new cards that will be introduced in the JUMP Festa event a few hours from now. The names were revealed indirectly by being mentioned in rulings for existing cards, that were posted a little early in the database, but are currently inaccessible:

Rulings for Macro Cosmos: “Can Hidden Fangs of Revenge be activated while Macro Cosmos is being applied?”
Rulings for Altergeist Primebanshee: “Can the effect of Altergeist Fijialert be activated by targeting an ‘Altergeist’ Link Monster?”
Rulings for Goblin Attack Force: “If at the time of the resolution of the effect of Potluck Party the targeted monster is in face-down Defense Position, how does the effect resolve?”

So, what are these cards?
Hidden Fangs of Revenge is a card from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal manga. Altergeist Fijialert is from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains anime. We can guess these are probably from the Premium Pack 2020.

The third card, which we are calling Potluck Party for now, seems to be a new card, and by the name and (somehow) being related to goblin cards, it’s probably from the JUMP Festa pack. Its Japanese name is “闇味鍋パーティー” (literally “darkness-flavored nabe party”) , which is a play on words for “闇鍋パーティー” (lit. “darkness nabe party”, a nabe party in which the ingredients are unknown and eaten in the dark for a surprise).