[GO RUSH!!] Episode 44 Summary

You can’t go home again.

Episode 44: 包囲網を突破せよ! – Hōimō o Toppaseyo!
(Break Through the Encirclement!)

Valvelgear mistakenly travels to the Dudi Ducasse star system, a frontier of the Velgear Cluster. The warriors of the Dudi Fleet then invade Mutsuba Town! Yudias teams up with the citizens of Mutsuba Town in order to break through their encirclement, so that he can go talk to the fleet’s commander…

Script: 樋口達人 || Higuchi Tatsuto
Storyboard: いそわゆり || Isowa Yuri
Direction: 三好正人 || Miyoshi Masato


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