[Go Rush!!] Cards from Episode 69

Violate Halo, eh?

Not confirmed for release, et al., but whether or not you believe that is your problem!

アビスカイト・ヴァイオレートヘイロー Abysskite Violate Halo
Equip Spell Card
This card is treated as “Abysskite Ultimail” while in the GY.
【REQUIREMENT】 Equip to 1 face-up Sea Serpent monster you control.
【EFFECT】 The equipped monster’s attacks pierce. If you control a face-down Spell/Trap Card, you take no effect damage. If you control 2 or more face-down Spell/Trap Cards, the equipped monster cannot be destroyed by effects.

ヴォイドアルヴ・ヘビーハイブ Voidalfar Heavy Hive
Equip Spell Card
【REQUIREMENT】 Equip to 1 face-up Galaxy monster you control.
【EFFECT】 The equipped monster gains 200 ATK times [The number of different Attributes of the Galaxy monsters in your GY]. When the equipped monster inflicts battle damage to the opponent, inflict damage equal to the [The original ATK of the opponent monster it battled].

レイディアント・バーン Radiant Burn
Normal Trap Card
【REQIORE<EMT】 When a face-up Galaxy monster(s) you control is destroyed by an opponent’s effect.
【EFFECT】 Inflict 100 damage to your opponent times [The number of different Attributes of the Galaxy monsters in your GY], then, choose 1 of those destroyed monsters and Special Summon it to your field face-up, then, you can choose 1 “Micronova” in your GY and Set it to your Spell & Trap Zone.


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