[20AP] The Last New Card of Wave 2

Just what it is, not the effect, revealed in the most unlikely of ways.

According to the official OCG twitter, there’s going to be a Yugioh Characters Deck Mixer happening on the 11th of February. It’s an event where you get to Duel against Obelisk Force using character decks that can be loaned to you if you do not have a deck. During this event, you get a special DA Sticker for using any of the 20 new cards from 20th Anniversary Pack 1st and 2nd Wave.

And it is in this blurb that we find out the last card in 2nd Wave is none other than Tsudoishi Negai / Converging Wishes, Yusei’s final Trap Card in his Duel against ZONE!

For reference, this is what it did in the anime:

When a “Shooting Star Dragon” you control is destroyed by battle, you can activate this card to negate the Battle Damage. Then, Special Summon 1 “Stardust Dragon” from your Extra Deck by removing from play the appropriate Synchro Material Monsters from your Graveyard. (This Special Summon is treated as a Synchro Summon.) The “Stardust Dragon” Special Summoned by this effect gains ATK equal to the combined ATK of all Dragon-Type Synchro Monsters in your Graveyard. By returning 1 Synchro Monster from your Graveyard to the Extra Deck, select 1 monster your opponent controls and force it to attack. During the End Phase, banish this card and the “Stardust Dragon” Special Summoned by this effect.

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