“Ghoti” Confirmed for the OCG [WPP4]

Fishies from the deep.

WPP4-JP015 Paces, Light of the Ghoti
WPP4-JP016 Shif, Fairy of the Ghoti
WPP4-JP017 Zep, Ruby of the Ghoti
WPP4-JP018 Ixeep, Omen of the Ghoti
WPP4-JP019 Eanoc, Sentry of the Ghoti
WPP4-JP020 Snopios, Shade of the Ghoti
WPP4-JP021 Arionpos, Serpent of the Ghoti
WPP4-JP022 Askaan, the Bicorned Ghoti
WPP4-JP023 Guoglim, Spear of the Ghoti
WPP4-JP024 Ghoti of the Deep Beyond
WPP4-JP025 The Most Distant, Deepest Depths
WPP4-JP026 Ghoti Chain
WPP4-JP027 Ghoti Cosmos
WPP4-JP028 Ghoti Fury


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One thought on ““Ghoti” Confirmed for the OCG [WPP4]

  • July 12, 2023 at 7:52 am

    ocg imports tcg cards pretty fast, while tcg delays some of them or like 2 year as red-eyes black meteor dragon

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