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Ghosts From the Past: The 2nd Haunting: A new import

Another missing import from the Legendary Gold Box.

Iconic cards make a spooky comeback in Ghosts From the Past: The 2nd Haunting. This all-foil booster set features an unfathomable mix of tournament mainstays, foil upgrades of fan favorites, as well as brand-new cards to discover and collect. With a chance to resurrect 1 of 9 incredibly popular cards from the past as a Ghost Rare in every box, brace yourself for an unearthly foil experience!

Whether you’re a tournament-level player or a casual fan, you can find everything from Dark Armed Dragon and Cyber Dragon to Dark Magician Girl and Blue-Eyes White Dragon as stunning Ghost Rares. Compared to last year’s Ghosts From the Past, Ghost Rares are twice as easy to pull as last year! But that’s not at all, you will also find an extra pack compared to the original release, so every box will include a total of 4 all-foil packs.

Go further beyond ace monsters from the various Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series with brand-new cards with the Special Summoning fury of Crystal Beast Rainbow Dragon, the draw power of Decode Talker Heatsoul, and the insurmountable Borrelend Dragon!

Each Ghosts From the Past: The 2nd Haunting contains 4 packs with 5 cards each and hits shelves May 6. That means each box will contain 20 Ultra Rares (but a Ghost Rare will replace an Ultra Rare when one appears). MSRP: $19.99 per set.

This press release confirms the importing of Decode Talker Heatsoul in the second round of Ghosts From the Past.


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