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[Duel Links] Jesse Anderson at the Gate

The master of Crystal Beasts becomes available to players at any time!

Jesse is unlockable after reaching Duel World GX Stage 6.

People will be able to unlock Jesse Anderson, Duel him at the Gate and get his special skill “Transcendant Crystals” by completing a Lifetime Mission.

You’ll be able to get his Crystal Beast cards from him at the Gate.

Win a Duel against Jaden using Jesse to obtain Transcendent Crystals.

Unlock Missions

  • Summon “Winged Kuriboh” 1 time in a Duel against Jesse at Level 30 using Jaden
  • Summon 1 “Elemental HERO Neos” 1 time in a Duel against Jesse at Level 30 using Jaden
  • Play as Jaden and win 1 Duel against Jesse Anderson at Level 30.
  • Destroy 7 Monsters in 1 Duel against Jesse Anderson.
  • Win 1 Duel against Jesse Anderson while playing as Pegasus.

Exclusive Rewards

  • Rainbow Dragon (UR)
  • Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus (UR)
  • Rare Value (UR)
  • Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger (SR)
  • Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth (SR)
  • Phantom Skyblaster (SR)
  • Crystal Beacon (SR)
  • Crystal Promise (SR)
  • Rainbow Life (SR)
  • Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle (R)
  • Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat (R)
  • Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle (R)
  • Crystal Tree (R)
  • Triggered Summon (R)
  • Rainbow Gravity (R)


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