[V Jump] Assorted Goods (Besides Promos)

Price of LINK VRAINS EDITION, plus some official VRAINS Merchandise from Cospa.

Link Vrains Edition

  • costs 350 Yen
  • 50,000 packs will be distributed
  • And will be available to order between July 21st to August 21st, 2017.

AI Full Color Coin Cast (Early October 2017 & Price 1200 Yen)

Cafe Nagi Logo Full Color Mug Cup (Late September & Price of 1500 Yen)

SOL Technologies Logo Large Tote Bag (Mid September & Price of 1800 Yen)

Various items being sold at the Ichiban Cafe

6 Different Yu-Gi-Oh! Themed Towels will be on sale for 2500 Yen each

Meanwhile, Also, a Souvenior Set (20 Different Kinds) will be on sale for 850 Yen
They include a Tin Badget, a Sticker and a Tea Pack. You cannot choose what Badge and Stickers you want.


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