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[OCG] Lore on the Geargias and Lightsworn!

Power Rangers/Megaman and High Fantasy


In order to stop Dr. Gearck’s conquest of the entire world with the power of the evil gears called the “Warugiano”, Professor Kurosu created the Gear Heroes known as the “Geargias”!!!

The Geargianos (Geargiano, Geargiano Mk-II and Geargiano Mk-III) are the power source that moves the “Geargia” monsters. The Gigant Carrier is a transport vehicle that carries the Gearunits (Geargiaccelerator, Geargiattacker, Geargiarmor, and Geargiarsenal). The Gigant Carrier and Gear Gigant X can combine their gears to form the mighty Geargiagear XG.

Warugiano is a portmanteau of “Warugi” (Evil Intent) and Geargiano.
Gearck/Giack is a portmanteau of Gear and Aku (Evil/Bad/Wicked)
Kurosu Hakase = Professor Kurosu. Kurosu sounds like Cross, how the X in Geargiagear XG and Gear Gigant X is pronounced.

Most of these names are the kind of cliches you’d see in an older 80s style Kamen Rider/Super Sentai series. (Super Sentai is essentially Japanese Power Rangers)

Geargiagear XG’s Data
Height: 14 Meters
Weight: 50 Tons
Composed of Geartite Alloy
Its Finishing Move is the “Giga Cross Spin”

It’s Shield is called “Big Gear Shield”
Its gun is the “Gigant Rifle”
Its red gears at its hips are the “Gear Boomerangs”


Michael is the founder of the Lightsworn and is always accompanied by Judgment Dragon.

Raiden is one of the Lightsworn’s big guns, who’s gone behind enemy lines and taken out plenty of enemy commanders.¬†However, beneath these actions lie his wish for peace, his desire for a swiftly put an end to the conflict.

Minerva is a young mage in the midst of her apprenticeship, accompanied by her white owl familiar. Though she is still inexperienced in the ways of magic. she has wings as-white-as-snow that show she’ll one day become a guardian angel.

They appear across time and space, answering the prayers of the innocent and those who wish for peace. By consuming vast quantities of magical energy, they appear on the material plane and challenge those evildoers who threaten the era they appear in. Once their job is done and the evil has been stopped, they return to their home plane, disappearing without a trace.

Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter is Jain, Lightsworn Paladin’s pet dog.
Rinyan, Lightsworn Rogue is Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner’s pet cat.

Though Michael is the Lightsworn’s founder, he seems to enlist the souls of heroes worthy of becoming members of the Lightsworn.

Cries for peace call Lightsworn -> Michael descends -> He passes judgment -> Heroes of that world also die -> Michael enlists their souls into the Lightsworn.



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