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Rise of the Duelist +1 Bonus Pack Information

Even Japan is getting in on that 1st Edition only fun.

The first run boxes of Rise of the Duelist (the ones with the special mark on the box) will each contain 1 “+1 Bonus Pack”, the contents are as follows

-It will contain 1 random card from a list of 19
-The list contains 1 Prismatic Secret Rare only card, 8 Ultra Rare cards, and 10 Super Rare cards
-The Ultra and Super Rares have Prismatic Secret Rare versions as well
-The Ultra and Super Rares are the same ones as the ones from Rise of the Duelist
-The Prismatic Secret Rare only card is a Prismatic Secret Rare version of a card that currently exists
-The pack will not be included in re-runs of the set


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