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[RD/EXT1] Priestess of Star Salvation

Blessed be those who are Dueled up to the nines.

RD/EXT1-JP044 救惺の巫女 Kyuusei no Miko (Priestess of Star Salvation/Priestess of World Salvation)
Level 4 WATER Wyrm-Type Effect Monster
ATK 1200
[Requirement] You can activate this by shuffling 1 “Fusion” from your Graveyard into the Deck.
[Effect] Draw 1 card. If you control a face-up monster (Level 9), also all face-up monsters you control gain 400 ATK until the end of the turn.

Note: 救惺 here is a play on 救世 (Salvation) but 惺 (Star) replacing World. She gives a buff if there’s a Level 9 because her name sounds like “9 Stars”.



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